5 Things To Avoid When Maintaining Your Metal Roof

 What are the advantages of a metal roofing? Why are they preferred over other roofing materials? When metal roofing was first introduced as a residential and commercial building material, it was not well received. Now metal roofs are considered an improvement over traditional options like asphalt shingles and metal roofs have become the preferred choice amongst many homeowners.

If you recently had metal roofing installed or if your metal roof is reaching its life expectancy, here are the five things to avoid when maintaining metal roofing:

1. Do not use metal roof cleaners

While metal roofs are being used more frequently, metal cleaners have not been created yet for this purpose. Some metal cleaners have been found to cause irreparable damage to metal surfaces by removing the metal oxide layer and rust proof metals. So what should you use? Clean metal roofs with household cleaners like soap and water.

2. Do not over-clean metal roofs

While metal should be cleaned regularly (once or twice a year), too much scrubbing can strip the metal oxide layer that protects metal from rusting and frame corrosion. This metal cleaner is specifically designed for metal roof cleaning: Streak-Free Metal Roof Cleaner

3. Do not paint metal roofs

Painting metal roofs is not recommended because the acidic metal cleaners needed to prep metal for painting will remove metal oxide, which prevents corrosion. Painting metal roofs can also change the color of metal roofing and reduce its lifespan.

4. Do not neglect metal roof repairs

Repair metal roofs promptly because metal roof repairs are more costly than asphalt shingle or metal roof replacements. A metal roof repair costs more than an asphalt roof replacement but it will extend the life of metal roofs by another 10-15 years.

5. Do not neglect metal roof inspections

Regular metal roof inspections are essential to avoid expensive damage to your metal roof. Inspect metal roofs regularly for metal shingle granules in gutters, ponds or drains; metal corrosion on metal ridge vents and metal flashing curling, rusting or corroding metal seams.

You can contact a professional metal roof contractor to help you with your metal roofs if you are unsure about how to maintain them properly. The best metal roofs are metal roofs that have been properly maintained, so take good care of metal roofs to ensure that they have a longer life.

Raine Naos

The author Raine Naos