October 2020


Travel Inspiration For The Pandemic Period

Only a year ago, the idea of travel meant something completely different. Instagram profiles were full of weekend breaks to Paris, gap year adventures around Southeast Asia, and flashback photos of nights out in Sydney. Now, the pandemic has changed the way we travel.

At first, it seemed unbelievable. It seemed unfair that the city breaks only a few hour’s flight from London had suddenly become restricted, discontinued, or even dangerous. However, concerns were shortlived and Instagram profiles were soon full of beaches once more. The only difference is that, this time, the sand and sea were British.

Tourism is growing inland and our weekend breaks are being taken locally. The travel industry is adapting as more British residents look to find their adventures inside and upon our island instead. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration for your next trip, here’s where everybody is going.

Rame Peninsula

The Rame Peninsula has long been a hidden gem in the UK and its most famous, but still relatively unknown gem, is Cawsand Bay. This beach is only a short ferry ride from Plymouth and is also accessible by car. Due to the landscape, the village has never developed much, retaining a quaint aesthetic, and, even during the summer, it doesn’t seem to get too busy. As of this year, there are no hotels in the village anymore, limiting the potential number of visitors, but there are plenty of Airbnb options, as well as local summer houses, making it the ideal choice for a warm weekend.


Are you a book worm? Wigtown is to many the greatest destination for those who love books. It is a beautiful Scottish town that is full of bookshops as well as quaint cafes for a spot to read your purchases too. Interestingly, some of the bookshops even allow themselves to be rented, which means that, aside from having a characterful old residence to stay in, you can also run a local bookshop!


Tintagel is one of the most beautiful, and still untouched, villages in the UK. Not only is it home to some of the most fascinating and quaint architecture of southern England, but it is surrounded by magnificent landscapes. Those feeling slightly adventurous can even make the journey to find Rubin Eynon’s famous and epic statue of King Arthur, hidden among the clifftops.


If you were travelling along the Welsh coast and suddenly came across Portmeirion, you might think you’re dreaming. This famous Welsh village is of Italian design, created by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, is one of the UK’s most impressive sites and the perfect opportunity for strange Instagram stories. Each year there is a fantastic music festival that takes place on its beaches and it was also the location used in the hit TV show, The Prisoner.


While not technically inland, Jersey is still becoming a new favourite destination for tourists within the UK, those who are looking to explore what could be the country’s most stunning beaches. Not only are they great for getting the sand between your toes, and with incredibly blue water, but because of the island’s size, it’s certain to be quiet most of the year-round too.

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How will a Smart Video Doorbell Improve my Home Security?

There are many different ways that you can improve upon your home security. The surest way to do so is to always seek out the best and the brightest in terms of home security products and home security suppliers. Having the experience and technological advancement on your side is the only way to guarantee that you are as fully informed as you can be before making a decision on how to go about improving your home security. As technology has improved dramatically over the last few years, so too has the development of smart products. This has seeped into the home security sector, with smart video doorbells the latest in a long line of home security solutions that have dramatically improved the quality on offer to homeowners.

If you think about it, the premise of a video doorbell is an incredibly simple and genius idea. The doorbell covers an important part of your home, the entire front door entryway to your property. Whether this is an exterior door to a house or a door to an apartment on an internal corridor, it is hard to place cameras and audio capabilities to guard your property without it being obvious (and it used to cost a fair bit too). By adding a smart video doorbell to your front door security, you can bolster your home security significantly in one clean swoop. Where you have previously been potentially at risk, you can now see clearly without having to open the door physically.

The best video doorbells of today can be accessed and controlled via a simple app on your smartphone. This allows you to see and hear exactly what is going on at your front door, whether someone is ringing the doorbell or not. It covers an entire area of the home that is often prone to attack from burglars as a potential vulnerable entry point and provides that peace of mind that your home is safe. These days, when aligned with other smart security products and the overall home alarm system that you have in place, a smart video doorbell can easily transform how safe you feel in your home. It also allows you to check on your home when you have deliveries due or when you are at work or away on holiday.

Smart technology has made a massive difference to the way in which we can protect our homes from burglars and potential criminal entry. There are many different ways in which you can bolster your home security solutions and with smart technology you can even ensure that your front door is more secure than ever before, using smart technology and a high-quality live video feed through your smart doorbell that helps you see exactly what is going on right in front of your front door at any given time of the day or night. With the help of smart security suppliers you can ensure your home is as safe as possible, with the easiest products and apps to manage the entire system.

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Benefits of Wooden Double-Glazed Windows

Wooden sash windows bring a certain type of elegance and aesthetic pleasure to a property, and with double glazing there are a range of other benefits that will help you create the perfect ambience in your home. Whether you are looking to restore sash windows that are already installed in your home or you are looking for double glazing and wooden sash window options for a renovation project, you’ll find that there are some astounding options open to you in terms of suppliers of sash windows and companies that can offer a full repair of sash windows that make them as good as new, without losing the essence of the style and presence of that type of window.

The first thing to say about wooden window frames and wooden sash windows is that it is really aesthetically pleasing. They are more eye-catching that more modern materials that are used within the construction of windows and depending on the renovation project at hand and the style of the building in question, it can add the finishing touches to a spectacular look and feel.

Timber windows are also environmentally friendly, using the lowest amount of energy during the processing and manufacturing, the production and transport of materials. A wooden sash window also has a long lifespan, especially when you consider how sash windows can be expertly repaired and maintained.

When combined with double-glazing, wooden sash windows provide a great insulation, helping you to have greater control over the temperatures inside your home. What this means, is that you have a much better chance of controlling your energy consumption and to maintaining a stricter control over your energy bills in the process.

Wooden sash windows with double glazing is a great way to also control the noise that you hear and to tighten security. Double glazed windows offer that extra layer of glass that keeps out unwanted noise from outside your home (as well as keeping any noise you are making inside). On top of that, it offers a greater level of security than a single pane of glass when discussing potential vulnerable entry points into your home for criminals.

Wooden sash windows can more easily be repaired and used as part of a refurbishment project on a property when compared with uPVC window frames and other modern materials used within the construction of windows.  Wooden window frames are not as likely to blister and peel as they would in the past, and there are some amazing companies out there that can offer a full restoration of wooden sash windows with double glazing to help complete a look.

As you can see, there are a wide range of benefits to having wooden double-glazed sash windows installed at your property. They offer versatility, are environmentally friendly, and with double glazing you can ensure that you have a greater control over the temperature in your home, tighten security levels and most of all, they look great. Look for suppliers of sash windows and those companies that can provide you with a full repair and maintenance of sash windows that makes them seem as good as new. With the installation and/or the repair of sash windows with double glazing you can improve the aesthetic and quality of life for those living within the property.

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