August 2022


Mark Roemer Oakland Discusses the Best Cities for Ice Cream


It’s possible that we’re living in an ice cream innovation golden age. Old-school creameries produce vanilla bean creations honed over centuries, while new shops throw the term “chef” into the mash-up to challenge the definition of ice cream. It’s a win-win situation for everyone, according to Mark Roemer Oakland, especially since the weather outside isn’t cooperating.

These ice cream shops represent all that is satisfactory: new-wave artisan stores challenging the very concept of what must be put on a cone, old-school parlors trying out new stunts, boozed-up scoops, plant-based creameries, and much more. So, get yourself a napkin. It’s going to be a fantastic mess.

4 Best Cities for Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of the most popular desserts in the country, spanning all demographic characteristics and borders. Several cities are ice cream hotspots, with plenty of ice cream shops serving a variety of flavors and toppings. The best ice cream cities are as follows:

  • Coral Springs, Florida – When Coral Springs citizens want ice cream, they go to Larry’s Ice Cream, a local favorite since 1986. The city’s oldest ice cream parlor is famous for its award wheel, which customers can keep turning to win free ice cream.

Let’s Chill, one of Coral Springs’ newest establishments, is on the other side of the street. Its all-natural artisanal ice cream flavors include strawberry cheesecake, key lime, and matcha tea. The Iraq and Afghanistan veteran-owned shop also sells alcoholic flavors like a margarita, run raising, and Bailey’s chocolate.

  • Evansville, Indiana – This small Indiana college town has the nation’s third-most ice cream parlors per capita. While not a booming metropolis, Evansville embodies the Midwest’s conventional, old-fashioned blue-collar ice cream. There are numerous other places in Evansville to take the tee-ball squad or the middle school first date on a summer Friday.
  • St. Louis, MO – In Gateway City, every conversation starts and ends with Ted Drewes’ frozen custard. Simply stated, frozen custard is ice cream thickened and creamed with egg yolks. Since 1930, it has been a St. Louis dessert staple.

However, while St. Louisans adore Ted Drew, it is not ice cream. St. Louis is still there for you. Here, ice cream has a long history. The ice cream waffle cone was invented at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. The ice cream is made on-site in an antique copper candy kettle with 14% butterfat.

  • Las Vegas, Nevada – Nothing surpasses the desert heat like a cold dessert. Las Vegas is the greatest city in the west for ice cream. Ice cream stores are always prevalent in tourist towns, including Las Vegas. Despite becoming the country’s 29th biggest city, it has the 5th most ice cream shops. It has 156 fewer than any other city on this list.

But this is Las Vegas, so nothing is predictable. Tourists are always looking for something different, and this is especially true in Vegas. Pacific and Latin flavors such as Hawaiian sea salt caramel are available at Lappert’s Ice Cream.


While there is undeniably the best among the best, there are numerous great ice cream cities across the state. But where are the top places for ice cream enthusiasts? According to Mark Roemer Oakland, the best ice cream can be found in the cities listed above!

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