5 Motives You Will Want To Service Your Boiler Annually

Every heating system needs to be serviced annually, but what are the reasons why you need to do a commercial boiler repair? Other than the safety of your establishment, here are some of them.

1) It Saves Money in the Long Run

One reason is that if you neglect regular servicing or maintenance on your boiler, it can lead to more serious problems that will cost you a lot more money. Upgrading parts is cheaper than replacing parts! Replacing parts comes with labor costs too. By having annual servicing done on your heating unit, the last thing that most people would have to worry about is spending hundreds of dollars just trying to replace something that can be repaired for less.

2) It Keeps it Legal

Servicing your boiler annually is necessary because the annual service certificate states that your boiler has been inspected and tested to industry standards. Most provinces’ laws require landlords to provide safe and reliable conditions of living spaces for tenants by providing for adequate heat, hot water, clean facilities, and pest control.

3) It Keeps it Clean

Another reason why you should service your boiler annually is that un-serviced boilers can accumulate dirt, coke (carbon buildup), or rust on the heat exchanger which reduces its heating efficiency. The annual service ensures that all of the components are working properly and efficiently to provide your home with clean, reliable heat.

4) Your Warranty Isn’t Valid Without Annual Service

One more reason why having your boiler serviced is important even for an older model boiler is because many manufacturers specify that their warranties are only valid when a qualified technician has performed the recommended maintenance work. If an unqualified person does any of the work on your boiler, the warranty ceases to exist.

5) It Keeps it Safe

The last reason you should service your boiler annually is that there are several safety issues that could arise if you neglect to have your heating system serviced annually. If an annual service hasn’t been performed, your five-year warranty may also be invalidated (if the manufacturer specifies this.) Also, neglecting annual servicing can lead to major problems like cracked heat exchangers and broken flues.

Raine Naos

The author Raine Naos