When should windows be replaced in a home?

Windows provide ventilation and a lot of other important benefits to any home or structure. But when it comes to their maintenance, they typically get the least quality checks because most people stop at making sure the glass is clean and clear. To avoid the extra damage that comes with windows that are in terrible conditions, it is advisable to get a window replacement before it gets too late. How do you know it is time for a replacement? We’ve listed a few tips to help you figure it out!

1. Years of Use / Installation

The first and easiest tell that your windows should be replaced is the duration of use. Windows are one of the sturdiest and most sustainable aspects of a home and with proper maintenance, they can get to the ends of their lifespan. But after a while, with multiple repairs and DIY fixes, you just have to know that it is time to throw in the towel and get a new set of windows.

2. Weather Changes

There are weather changes and intense periods during the climate that have a ton of impact to the efficiency of windows. When the weather changes drastically and there are harsh periods of cold or heat, your windows may be well on their way to retirement. If you notice that your energy bill is going up because you are using your heating system or air conditioning unit more, when you typically wouldn’t be, it could be a sure sign of damaged windows that calls for window replacement.

3. Loosening Caulk

Sealants and caulks are used to keep windows secured into their frame structure. However, over years, wear and tear can cause these materials to thin out and loosen, which then creates air gaps and water leakage channels in the window frame. If you have dealt with loose caulk one time too many, it is definitely time to swap out your windows and get fresh window installment done.

4. Hinge damage

The friction of opening and closing windows can cause a lot of damage to the hinges, if any. Also, for windows that have been used over long periods of time, the hinges are susceptible to rust and other types of damage.

5. Degradation of the material

Windows and their frames are made of materials that all have an expiry date, and when exposed to harsh weather conditions, long period of use, or impact, and these materials begin to lose their initial quality. If you spot any weakening, thinning, rust, shattering, breaking, or any type of damage in the material of your window, it may be time to get a window replacement.

Once you notice any type of damage to your window, the frame, and/or the structure surrounding the window, it could be time for a replacement so be sure to contact a windows installation company.

Raine Naos

The author Raine Naos