The Best Ways to Incorporate Your Fence into Your Garden


It’s crucial to have a fence around your property since it prevents critters and unauthorized people from entering your property and improves the aesthetics of your property. However, it can be difficult to decide what type of fence to construct, how to design it, or even how to install a new fence in your garden. To make the job easier, you can search “fencing company near me” to hire fence installation experts that can take care of all your fencing needs.

However, it still makes sense to get an idea of the different ways you can incorporate a fence into your garden. Let’s look at those below:

The Ways

  1. Rustic split rail fence – Rustic split rail fence can be made with old, distressed wood, weathered barn wood, and even reclaimed old fence wood. It lends an old charm to your property and makes it look like the fence has been protecting your garden for ages. A rustic split rail fence will complement your garden well if it has many plants that sprout colorful flowers.
  1. Stepped wood slat fence – One of the best ways to secure a property on a hill is to build a stepped wood slat fence. You can build a stepped wood slat fence tall enough to keep both humans and animals out and enjoy a good deal of privacy as well. Plus, the stylish design of the vertical stripes does well to hide imperfections and add curb appeal to your house. You can build them with a dark stain to make them visually flattering and help them blend more easily into the landscape.
  1. Wood and wire fence – If you have a small garden with plants such as roses, a wood and chicken wire fence can be the perfect fit for it in your property since it adds a layer of elegance to it. You can limit the height of the garden fence to allow the rose plants to climb on the chicken wires and thrive.
  1. Modern geometric wood fence – Modern geometric wood fences combine a contemporary and rustic look in a beautiful blend that incorporates nicely into a large garden. The open and airy design of a modern geometric wood fence allows the plants the required breathing room and space to grow wide and tall. And, you can add embed wire into the lower portion of the fence to prevent pests and critters from assaulting your garden.
  1. Tall and private fence – If you like your privacy undisturbed, perhaps a tall and private contemporary horizontal slatted fence would be the best fit for your garden. You can keep the design simple with vertical slats and a subtle light hue or pale wood color. Perhaps add a few climbers to embellish some natural details.

Alternatively, you may paint the fence a deep black or charcoal grey to contrast the lush greenery and add more depth to your garden and property. This strategy can work well to make the greenery pop since the dark fence acts as the perfect backdrop for tree ferns, leafy palms, and more.

  1. Minimalist iron fence – If you want to beat the clock and don’t care for elegant design or crafty embellishments, you opt for a minimalist iron fence that you can install in just an afternoon depending on the size of your garden. The simple yet sturdy chain-link fence may lack in the aesthetics department but is functional and practical enough to fit in almost any part of your property and prevent small animals and pests from causing harm to your property.

However, if you so desire, you can add some depth to the area by adding some colorful lighting fixtures to illuminate the favorite parts of your garden to bring back the focus of your guests to the good parts of the property.

  1. Traditional picket fence – Traditional picket fences have been a classic since time immemorial and rightfully so since they offer a nice balance of customization, security, aesthetics, and curb appeal. A white picket fence is a classic image that suits well with a vibrant garden full of colorful flowers. However, you cannot go wrong with painting it a different color and adding some personalized decor to enhance the overall look of your garden.
  1. Painted pallet fence – Pallet fence can allow your creativity to soar. It’s the perfect fence type if you are of the artistic kind. You can use the pallets as your canvas and paint different types of shapes, symbols, or even ideas to bring forth your creativity and add a personalized touch to your fence. For instance, some people like to paint sunflowers, bees, or small animals such as squirrels to make the fence blend naturally in the garden outdoors.

Just be sure to prep them by sanding the snags and splinters and be sure to fill in the nail holes to avoid injuries while painting. For painting abstract concepts, you can draw freehand or use a stencil for detailed concepts.

  1. Bamboo retaining wall fence – Bamboo is more eco-friendly than wooden fences and adds a different kind of aesthetic to your garden. You can cut the bamboo stems evenly in the length you want and then arrange them around the garden to create a retaining wall.
  1. Arbor Garden fence – The vertical structure of an arbor garden fence not only makes it inviting but also acts as a support for many colorful flowering vines such as wisteria, roses, honeysuckle, clematis, and more. It offers a unique look that charms strangers and friends alike.


A well-constructed fence not only makes your property secure but also elevates the value of your property. Plus, it helps to keep you and your neighbors on good terms. Now that you have learned about all the exciting fence ideas for your garden, it’s time to hire an expert who can turn your vision into reality. Simply search “fencing company near me” on Google to find professional fence installation experts in your locality.

Raine Naos

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