How to ensure that your House Interior Design is Pet-Friendly?

If you have a pet, you should ensure that your house interior design is pet-friendly. A pet-friendly home is necessary for the safety of your pet. There are various ways you can transform your home into a pet-friendly space to incorporate the needs of your furry friends. Whether you are renovating your old home or building a new one, you should always make sure it meets the needs of your pet and you as well. Failing to do so can make the house really cluttered and messy. Mentioned below are a few home decor ideas that will help to design and furnish your home in pet-friendly ways:

01 of 05 Always opt for durable floors

If you have pets in the house, you need to consider opting for a durable flooring material. Although hardwood floors are very durable, they are considered a bad choice if you have pets. Hardwood is not scratch-resistant and the damage will be visible clearly. Experts suggest choosing ceramic tiles for the flooring as they do not stain and can be cleaned easily. Porous materials should be avoided as well because natural stones get stained easily from pet spit. Many homeowners choose laminate and concrete floors.

02 of 05 Rugs are better than carpets

Avoid opting for carpet flooring if you have pets in the house. Carpets easily catch pet hair and removing them is a very hectic task. Also, they soak up pet stains that will leave a patch on the floor. Getting rid of the odour is often difficult as well. Hence, you should consider investing in rugs that are durable and can be picked up, cleaned, or replaced easily when required.

Also, try to choose rugs that feature various colours so that the pet hair, stains, and dirt are not visible easily. Also, the rug should be anchored to the place using heavy furniture pieces or skid pads so that your pet can run safely.

03 of 05 Opt for pet-friendly fabrics

You should opt for fabrics that will make your life easier. For instance, if you are choosing upholstery fabric, look for colours that will match the colour of your pet hair. Always ensure to avoid delicate fabrics that your pets can ruin easily. Velvet and silk are some of the fabrics that are not apt for homes with pets. Many experts suggest Crypton as it is a very durable and stain-resistant synthetic fabric. To keep your furniture protected like a sofa from pet nails, consider investing in covers.

Many people consider opting for leather for their house interior design as it is a very durable and easy to clean material. However,  it is better to avoid leather as it is prone to scratches. You can choose Ultrasuede, a smooth machine-washable microfiber that resembles the look of real suede.

04 of 05 Put some thought into choosing the wall paint colours

Avoid wallpapers for the walls if you have pets. They can scratch and ruin them very easily. The best solution when it comes to wall designing is to opt for paint. However, not all paints and colours are suitable for your home decor idea. You should put some thought into choosing the paint type and paint colour.  Look for colourful paint options that are washable. As a result, if the walls get stained, removing them will be a lot easier and more convenient. Experts suggest satin finish or semi-gloss paint for making your house pet-friendly.

05 of 05 A designated area for playing

Besides buying pet toys, you should ensure that your pet has a designated play area. As pets spend a lot of time indoors, it is a nice idea to create a play area for them near a large window that offers a clear view of the outdoors. Either place a furniture piece just beside the window or create a play area just below the window.

If you own a pet, you need to ensure that your house is a safe place for it. Make sure you follow the aforementioned home decor ideas so that you and your furry friend can stay safely together.

Raine Naos

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