Ways a Privacy Fence Can Give You the Ultimate Backyard


When you build a fence, you have numerous options at hand. From the classic white picket fence to European-styled wrought iron fences. However, most people chose to build a privacy fence. If you want a fence built for your property, you can search for a “fencing company near me” and hire professionals for the job. Let’s check out how a privacy fence can give you the ultimate backyard.

The Discussion

  1. Contained and cozy seclusion – Your backyard is a private place for many activities. You can have a patio in your backyard and some lazy chairs to read a good book while sipping on quality wine or host a barbeque party with friends and family. Either way, it’s the perfect place for outdoor gatherings and provides a cozy setting for all your activities. The summer and autumn seasons become much more fun with a great backyard.

However, that cozy setting is ruined when you don’t have a proper barrier. A privacy fence provides you with a shield to protect you against the peeks and stares of your neighbors and strangers. It provides you with a clean and contained zone that is secluded from the rest of the neighborhood and allows you to do anything you want, whether it’s engaging in recreational activities or hosting a fun event.

  1. Pet safety – If you have furry friends in your home, you need to allow them plenty of fresh air and sunshine so that they can grow in a nice atmosphere. They need a lot of outdoor activity to stay healthy and happy. Normal fences aren’t very tall. That means when your dog goes outside, they can get distracted by passing cars and walking strangers and jump out of the fence. It endangers the safety of your dog.

This issue can be solved with a privacy fence. Most privacy fences are usually taller than 8 feet. That means they can easily stop your friends from jumping over. While wrought iron fences provide an equally strong and tall barrier, they have lots of gaps and climbing points to climb over the fence. Moreover, privacy fences can even block sounds to a certain degree and prevent distractions for your dog at every level. While dog collars with GPS virtual fences are a good option, they are less humane since they shock your pet.

  1. Child safety – Similarly, privacy fences can also provide your kids with a safe sanctuary to play around. They can provide you with a barrier that can help you to make your backyard much safer for your kids. With privacy fences, you don’t have to worry about your kids going onto the street without your supervision. Moreover, privacy fences completely block the sight of strangers. That means people with malicious intentions won; be able to harm your kid.
  1. Protects from the elements – A backyard has many things. It can be a sanctuary with a patio and furniture where you spend your time relaxing and unwinding. Otherwise, it can be an open space with veggies and flower gardens. You can also have a lot of complex hardscapes and outdoor art in your backyard. You want your carefully designed hardscapes to stay protected. The same goes for the veggies and flowerbeds in your garden.

However, when there’s a strong wind draft or a storm, those structures and garden beds are naked to the onslaught of nature. Wind and rain can kill many plants when they have an open space to move freely and can also destroy a lot of property. Moreover, elements of nature can increase the energy bill of your home when there’s nothing to block out the cold wind. With a privacy fence, you can change that. While your backyard doesn’t get complete immunity with a privacy fence, it certainly helps to keep out flying debris and strong winds that can damage your property.

  1. More greenery – If you’ve been looking forward to adding more green to your backyard, but don’t have enough space, a privacy fence can help. Privacy fences are tall structures and have a strong foundation. If constructed the right way, they can hold a lot of weight. This allows you to grow a lot of plants on the fence. You can grow different varieties of vines and creepers on the fence and create a green sanctuary in your garden.

You can also create a green sanctuary and create a privacy fence at the same time while saving you money. If you don’t have kids or pets and live in a safe neighborhood, a strong fence isn’t a key requirement. Instead, you can create a cheap lattice fence and then grow a thick green cover on it with plants of your choice. This way, you can get an inexpensive living fence that also protects your privacy.

  1. Keep out intruders – Your backyard doesn’t just need to be a mini outdoor retreat for you and your family but also needs to be safe. That isn’t possible without a privacy fence. A privacy fence makes it very difficult for thieves and intruders to map out your property and plan a robbery or assault. Your family is safer, and you get a truly safe and ultimate backyard with a privacy fence.

However, that’s not the only benefit. Your privacy fence can also save you money. Research shows that privacy fences reduce property damage significantly. That’s why home insurance companies are prepared to provide you with better rates and a lower premium for your home. After you install a privacy fence, you can talk to your insurance company and negotiate better rates with them. In the long run, this can save you thousands of dollars.


A privacy fence has plenty of advantages. It can shelter your home from the elements and give your kids and pets a safe area to play within the confines of the fence. You can search for a “fencing company near me” and hire professionals to build you an amazing privacy fence.

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