Mark Roemer Oakland Looks at the Best Relocation Companies of 2021


Change is inevitable in life and so is moving. That’s why we all have to go through the process of moving – It can include many things such as planning, organizing, packing, and hauling. Skip any step, and the whole process of relocation or moving could become a lot difficult. That’s why Mark Roemer Oakland will look at the best relocation companies in 2021 – So you can find the best service for the best price.

How to choose a Relocation Company

Choosing a relocation company that is good or bad can be the difference between a seamless relocation or a painful experience with lots of complications. So, when you are looking for a moving company, keep the following factors in your mind:

Type of relocation: The exact distance is very important when choosing a good company. Some of the moving companies only cover local areas while others focus solely on the long distances. That’s why you need to evaluate how far you are planning to move.

Budget: How much are you planning to spend on your move? Make sure to include some breathing room in your budget to account for any unexpected delays or bumps.

Timeline: Are you pressed on time and want to relocate in as little time as possible? Some movers are known for their quick service & can complete the job as quickly as possible, while others may take some more time. As usual, fast service also comes with a high cost. If you have the time, you could have more flexibility when choosing a good relocation company.

Type of items: What type of items do you want to be moved? Are they heavy? Lightweight? Fragile? Do they require special handling? You must choose a service that specializes in the types of items you want to be moved! This allows you to get the best results while avoiding any damage during the transport and moving process.

Best Relocation Companies of 2021

Have a look at the best companies which are offering relocation services:

International Van Line

According to Forbes advisor, this company provides the best service in terms of availability, customer satisfaction, and pricing. With a rating of 4.4/5.0, you can expect a high level of service.

Atlas Van Lines

When it comes to customizable packing and timely moving services, you can’t go wrong with Atlas Van Lines. This company has secured a rating of 4.1/5.0 & is known for great customer satisfaction.

Allied Van Lines

The company is known for its large mover network & experience of more than 85 years. This company has a rating of 4.0/5.0 and is known as one of the best moving companies. Based on the ratings provided by customers, Allied Van Lines is considered to be an excellent choice. Over the past 15 years, the company claims to have completed 750,000 relocations (moves) in the USA alone.

American Van Lines

Having been in the business since 1995, American Van Lines is also a trusted name in the relocation sector. Whether it is local moving or long-distance moving, you can expect great service. The company also offers other services such as corporate relocation, piano relocation, commercial moving, and so on. If you have an antique item, then you can also go with the American Van Lines.


With the list of top relocation companies offered by Mark Roemer Oakland, you can’t go wrong when choosing a moving company according to your needs and time schedule.

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