Improving Your Soil Life With Organic Matter

Soil organic matter is that part of the soil, which consists of animal and plant detritus during different stages of microbial decomposition, cellular and tissue of soil microorganisms, and other materials that soil microorganisms synthesize. Soil organic matter also includes water and soluble substances that are washed off by water. Soil organic matter can be classified into two main categories: life and non-life organic matter. Plants, animals, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and algae are the soil microorganisms that create soil organic matter. Pre mixed soils from BuildASoil is essentially a collection of many of these life forms in combination with other components.

One of the components of organic soil is the microorganisms called sponges. These sponges live in sandy soils that do not have too much air or nutrients and do not decompose very fast. They simply serve to remove the organic matter from the sandy soil and recover it for reuse or composting. Many kinds of sponges are available in the market, including green manures. The green manures used in organic sodding are those that are produced from grass and other feed grains that have been milled to the height of about three inches or less, so that the grain is tightly packed, making it easy for the sponges to place it on the sandy soil.

Organic sodding requires that the organic soil within the ground is in a condition to allow the application of the green manures. Organic soils usually have clay soils that are tilled or layered with sand or gravel to prevent the penetration of moisture and germination of the green manures. The most ideal organic soil is one that has a high clay content because cars are usually rich in microorganisms that serve as food for the sward-forming microorganisms.

There are different kinds of sodding equipment available in the market. Some of this equipment is manually operated and may require some effort on the part of the owner or farmer. But there is also automatic machinery like the blowers and rotating types that make it possible for you to easily clear the silty soil from your yard in no time. The mechanical equipment helps remove the excess organic matter from the sandy soil by using pressurized air that is blown through a tube. This kind of equipment is specially designed to remove the topsoil and leave the silty soil free and open to the application of the organic matter.

When you are ready to apply the organic sodding components, it is important that you carefully remove the topsoil from your area. This is necessary to make sure that all of the coarse sand particles and loose organic matter will be evenly distributed in the silty soil. Then, you need to spread the coarse sand particles evenly over the area.

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