How To Tell If You Are Facing A Rat Infestation

We all want our house to be rat-free. However, the rats are not like a guest who will leave your house in two-three days. Instead, they act as your room partner, who will not only live with you at your expense but also start their family in your house.

 Do not forget, these small creatures are not mere food stealers but are a health hazard. The rats are carriers of diseases like rabies, and approximately 50,000 people face rat bites each year. You do not want these destructive room partners to live with you in your house.

You can try out a few things to get rid of the rat problem at your house. However, getting rid is not enough, you can buy a rat blocker that can prevent the rat from entering your house, apartment, or office buildings.

Before fighting a rat, you must first need to identify if you are facing a rat infestation. Here are a few signs that tell your house is dealing with a rat infestation.

How To Tell If You Have A Rat Infestation

You can use a rat blocker even if you do not find rats inside your house. The rat flap prevents the rats from entering your house through the drainpipes. The rat flap only allows the rat to go outside but block rats from entering the drain again, which is a good way of preventing rats from entering your house.

Rats are small creatures that are specialized in hiding themselves from humans. However, they do live there trails, which you can find for blowing their cover.

Dropping Near Food Source

Rats cannot stay away from the food. In the case of rat infestation, you might notice food droppings frequently near the dustbin, kitchen, and refrigerators.


Rats are dirty creatures, as they travel through your drains. Therefore, they leave grease marks along with your dashboards and walls whenever they use them as pathways.

Chew Marks

Rats chew on the wood to make their teeth sharp, which is the primary reason they are a threat to your wooden furniture. If the rats have infested your house, you can see the chewing marks on your house’s wood or drywall.

Inspect Holes

If you notice a hole in your pipe, wall, or yard, you need to inspect the hole. The rats use such holes to build their nests. Moreover, you can always use the rat flap or blocker to avoid the rat from entering your drainpipes.

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