How To Build Bathroom For People With Reduced Mobility

A house should always be designed for the well-being of all those who inhabit it, so when in our home there are people with some physical limitation or are elderly, bathroom remodeling should also focus on providing them with comfort, security, and tranquility. The idea is to create a bathroom for people with reduced mobility. Fortunately, today many products at  offer multiple benefits to people with some disabilities. The models that we will show you below will allow you to design a more inclusive and modern bathroom.

  1. Toilets of adequate height

When you have some disability, one of the most significant difficulties when doing the handicap bathroom remodeling is sitting or standing up when using the toilet. To avoid this type of complication, there are suspended or elongated pieces with ergonomic shapes that adapt to the user’s anatomy and whose seat height facilitates the legs’ flexion, mitigating unnecessary efforts. Besides, these products are of high efficiency and low water consumption.

  1. Custom sinks

Just as the toilets must have an appropriate height, the same happens with the sinks. In this case, the references suspended to the wall are ideal. On the other hand, the space generated between the sink and the floor allows the person to bring their legs closer and carry out a proper and comfortable cleaning of their hands.

  1. Technology for everyone

For people with mobility problems, simply turning a faucet on and off can be inconvenient. The answer to this need is to tap that is activated and deactivated by a motion sensor. It is enough for the user to bring their hands to the jet’s device to come out, which will stop as soon as they are removed. It is worth noting that it is a reasonably hygienic system since it avoids touching surfaces.

  1. This makes shower time easier

We must always ensure that people with reduced mobility have the greatest possible independence, and the time of the shower is when privacy and freedom of movement are most required. There is nothing like telephone showers to improve personal hygiene since their mobility and easy handling allow them to have better and more accessible coverage of the body.

  1. Clinging to safety

Grab bars are indispensable gadgets for people with disabilities. As they are fixed to the wall, they help the user have firm support, move safely, and calmly carry out their bathroom activities. These objects minimize the risk of accidents and help to give more independence.

  1. Floors that reduce accidents

We know that a wet floor increases the risk of falls and injuries. But for your peace of mind and that of yours, ADZ (non-slip) floors drastically reduce the possibility of slipping accidents. These products have been manufactured by remodeling contractor Houston with a type of textured surface that increases the foot’s support so that it is less likely to slip. Adding to the elements already mentioned, this flooring category will be instrumental in creating a modern and safe bathroom environment.

Raine Naos

The author Raine Naos