10-Point Checklist to Ensure Your Doors and Windows Are Properly Installed

When installing new windows and doors are replacing the old ones, it’s important to get the right contractor and materials; it is also crucial to ensure that the replacement is done the right way. This would help you avoid issues that may arise in the future as a result of improper installation. With the checklist below, you can verify the efficiency of the installation whether you did it by yourself or you hired an expert.

1. Pre-installation Inspection by the contractor

Ensure that the windows and doors contractor should inspect the window areas of your house to check the windows they will be replacing and to check the overall condition of the window and give a cost estimate.

2. Inspect quality of insulating material

Insulation is essential if you want your windows to be energy efficient and save you some money on energy bills. Therefore, you can also ask the contractor about the quality of the insulating material used. The common types of insulating materials are mineral wool and polyurethane spray foam.

3. Check for air infiltration

The only time that air should be blowing freely through your window is when it is opened, and if it happens otherwise, this means that there might be an air leak problem.

4. Verify functionality and ease of operation

Newly installed windows and doors should have no problem working as expected. You can try opening and closing the windows to ensure there are no difficulties. There should also be no strange sounds while doing this.

5. Check if the screws are in place

If screws were used while installing your windows, one thing you want to check when the installation is done is the screws used. Ensure they are in the right places and well screwed in.

6. Check for water infiltration

One of the easiest ways to verify that all issues may arise due to water infiltration through the window is to ensure that the exterior part of the window has a downward slope of at least five degrees. Another way is to use waterproof materials around the window sills.

7. Ensure measurements are accurate

The wrong measurements can cause a lot of problems for you when installing windows and doors. If you are installing by yourself, ensure you double-check the measurements to ensure they are accurate.

8. Inspect the quality of the sealants used.

After installation, sealants should be applied to the edges of the window to ensure that the window firmly adheres to the window frame.

9. Interior and exterior finish

Check the interior area of the house where the window is located to see if the necessary caulking is neatly done. If not, you can call the attention of the windows and doors contractor to the problem.

10. Hire an expert

If you do not have the time or the expertise to check that some of the items on this checklist are in place, you can hire windows and doors expert to perform a post-installation inspection.

If there are other questions you would like to ask about your windows and doors before, during, and after installation, your hired window contractor should be able to answer them. The important thing is to ensure that everything is working correctly.

Raine Naos

The author Raine Naos